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Environmental Factors When You Get Pot Seeds

The type of pot seed you use will influence growth. It will determine the yield, the size, and even the smell from the seeds. However, there are plenty of early stage factors you need to consider in order for your seeds to do very well. There are top quality seeds out there that never produce seeds. This is because the person with them doesn't have the right knowledge to make it happen.

The amount of potassium and nitrogen in the seed bed plays a role in the outcome from the very start. The higher the amount of nitrogen that is present, the more female cannabis plants you will gain. This is important as they offer a higher yield of THC when you harvest the seeds. If you need more male seeds to generate seeds from, you can create this in your environment by reducing the amount of nitrogen offered.

The amount of water is often discussed when you buy pot seeds. However, many growers fail to think about the contribution of humidity around the seed bed. Too much humidity can result in mold and other problems developing before your plants are even appearing. High humidity though can also increase the development of female pot seeds.

When temperatures are high, you will often need to offer more water for the cannabis seeds to thrive. Some strains though seem to just do exceptionally well with very little water. They seem to grow like weeds! Those that need more water based on temperature are what you need to watch out for. They can get too dry if the temperatures soar.

If you are growing your cannabis seeds indoors you need to think about lighting. However, you need to think about more than just the seeds getting enough light. If you want more pot seeds you need to offer blue lighting. If you have lots of red lighting, that will increase the development of male plants.

The amount of lighting also influences the gender of your seeds. If they get more than 14 hours of light per day, they are going to be generating male plants. For female plants, limit the daily lighting exposure to no more than 14 hours per 24 hour period.

These factors don't matter in the very early stages of planting your pot seeds. By the 3rd week of them being in the seed bed, you need to put these elements in motion. Doing so will significantly increase your outcome with female cannabis seeds.

Now that you know the gender isn't set within the pot seed, you can use these tips to help you balance what you would like to grow. It takes time and it takes patience to see the results of these variables. Remember, you can control them. It is best to start out with just a few to buy marijuana seeds for sale so that you don't get overwhelmed. As your experience grows, you can think about harvesting more in the future.

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